Frequently Asked Questions

What is Script Armor?

Script Armor™ Transcript Paper is the perfect solution for colleges seeking a secure, professional and affordable transcript paper. The Script Armor security features make it nearly impossible to accurately duplicate an original while allowing for Unofficial Copies to be made.

Can anyone purchase transcript paper from you?

No. We only work with colleges. And we reserve the right to refuse sale to anyone we feel will be using our paper for unethical purposes.

What is the minimum order?

Unlike other companies, our minimum is only 500 sheets/1box. You can even order  500 sheets with an authentic watermark.

Can I add my logo?

We can add your school’s custom logo with a chemical watermark in the paper.

Can you print a border around the sheet?

Yes. We can print a solid border around the sheet in any color you wish.

How long does it take to ship my order?

Repeat orders generally ship in 5 business days. First time orders ship in 10 business days from the date you approve the proof. We always try to make exceptions if you are in bind and need in sooner.

Can you create a transcript paper without the script armor markings?

Absolutely. We can completely tailor to your needs.

What security features does script armor have?

Our standard features that come with every sheet are:

  • Chemical Watermarks
  • Engraving
  • UV Hidden Fiber
  • Anti-Erase/Anti-Copy Protection
  • Chemical Reactivity
  • Anti-Copy Coin Rub
  • Hidden Message Technology
  • Color Shifting Inks


What color is Script Armor offered in?

Script White. Script White is a unique color that incorporates a security hidden message that becomes visible on a photo copy. However we can print any color you wish onto the paper.

What size is Script Armor offered in?

8-1/2” x 11”

Can Script Armor™ Transcript Paper be copied?

Yes. The words “COPY” and “UNOFFICIAL” appear on the photocopy in the background. Image may vary depending upon the copier used to make photocopy.

On the original, the word “GENUINE” appears on both sides. Hold to light to confirm “genuine” appears to identify original.

Are you ready to use Script Armor for your organization?

Find out if Script Armor™ Transcript Paper is right for you and your school. Contact us and we’ll
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